Our Representation

How many times has your company 'Shopped' insurance?

Simply put, underwriters want to work on submissions which they have a good chance of binding.

But make no mistake, the underwriters job is not to look for reasons to underwrite a submission, they are looking for reasons not to underwrite a submission. That’s your insurance agents job!

Underwriters have a very long memory and it can be difficult to change their impression once an impression has been made. The quality of the underwriting submission will have a significant impact on the decision to commit to the underwriting process. If the information submitted doesn't closely match the information received in other prior submissions, the result will likely be a declination.

We are careful to help establish, maintain, or repair our clients' reputation in the marketplace.

We are not ‘Policy Peddlers’

We don’t peddle insurance policies to ‘customers’, our Best-In-Class ‘Clients’ receive unsurpassed Representation, Solutions, Services, and Partnership. We are Trusted Advisors, Advocates, and Partners.

We are not ‘Insurance Shoppers’

We don’t shop insurance policies, we Target Insurance Partners based on our Clients’ operations and coverage needs, and business goals. We know all the markets and programs servicing the temporary staffing industry, we don’t have to shop!

We are not ‘Transactional’ Agents

As Trusted Advisors, Advocates, and Partners we are passionate in our desire to help our ‘Clients’ exceed insurance carrier underwriter risk management & loss control expectations, reduce insurance program operating costs, bolster program stability, and increase our clients’ profit margins.

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Our Representation, Your Reputation.
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