Employee Benefits & 401K


  • Claims advocates
  • Consumer-minded education and tools
  • Customized communications and education
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Employee assistance programs
  • RiskScore® advantage
  • Rx savings cards
  • Total compensation statements
  • Wellbeing programs

Benefit Services Overview

IOA’s employee benefits team serves as a valuable tool for employers seeking to attract, reward, and retain the best and brightest talent in their industry. We know that employee benefits can’t remain the same. With corporate culture and employee sociodemographics ever-changing, so must the benefits that employers provide. When health plan dollars are appropriately allocated to the most relevant areas, it provides the long-term results needed.

Your employees’ perception of your benefits program is crucial. Ensuring an understanding of the open enrollment offerings and how and when to use benefit options is critical for appropriately spending available dollars. Monitoring utilization on an ongoing basis and implementing direct communications based on that analysis will help achieve the desired goals for all.


RiskScore for Employee Benefits

RiskScore® for Employee Benefits is a simple, focused, and results-driven process that helps clients discover the strengths and weaknesses of their health plan and benefits strategy. It starts with a 10-minute survey that focuses on six key disciplines: Employee Experience, Wellbeing, Data Analytics, Compliance, Benefits Technology, and Employer Experience.


Benefits Technology Solutions

The right benefits technology solution helps you to establish, maintain, and operate your organization’s benefits seamlessly. Insurance Office of America (IOA) utilizes best-in-class benefits administration platforms to provide employer groups with a customized solution that fits their organization’s specific needs.


Compliance Solutions

In employee benefits, the only constant is change, especially in the world of compliance. Some changes will impact employers this year, while others have long-term implications. Organizations committed to becoming a destination employer must keep pace with evolving legislative and regulatory changes. These changes often pose a threat to the development of strategic benefits and compensation programs meant to attract top talent.

Data Analytics Solutions

Data analytics helps an organization understand past plan performance and have confidence in the foundation of its future health plan design strategies. By implementing data analytics, we discover previously unknown or unidentified factors that are impacting employee engagement, plan performance, and plan design decisions. The variety of data sources we explore are extensive, from our proprietary RiskScore® process to medical and prescription claims, biometrics, national benchmarks, wellness program results, and beyond. Through this exploration process, we are able to extract meaningful, actionable insights that lead directly to recommendations resulting in improved plan-performance and engagement.


Wellbeing Solutions

The ability of Insurance Office of America (IOA) to help improve the health of members and to reduce costs enables its clients to leverage their most important asset—their people. We have the tools to assist clients in gathering claims data to positively impact their employee culture by pinpointing cost drivers and aligning their wellness program to meet the group’s health and wellness needs.