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Temporary Staffing – Class Code Verification

By Rob Schild Class Code Verification is a process by which specific information is reviewed to determine the appropriate class code assignment. It sounds easy enough, however simple oversights and misinterpretations can result in the failure to accurately apply the correct class code to a particular job resulting in erroneous bids, premium adjustments, false experience…
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TEMP Staffing Company or Subcontractor/Consultant? Be Careful!

By Rob Schild Does your staffing company place temporary employees into professional positions/ capacity for your clients? If so, it is very important that you understand the difference between a temporary employee, consultant and/or independent contractor. Your staffing company might unknowingly be acting as a subcontractor, consultant, engineering, architectural, IT/programing, healthcare, legal, or financial or…
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Staffing Company Class Code Assignments: A shot in the dark?

By Rob Schild For a staffing company, determining the correct workers’ compensation class codes for their clients and applying the correct class code for their employees working at their client’s location could mean the difference between profit and loss, remaining in business and closing your doors. Ultimately it is the staffing company that is held…
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Not Just Payroll with Benefits

For many types of businesses, partnering with a PEO can be a blessing. A simple way for the small business owner to obtain workers’ compensation, payroll processing, employee benefits as well as guidance in following state and federal regulatory and compliance requirements. A PEO partnership can also alleviate the burden of the weekly processing of…
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No Mr. Jones, we don’t need your Social. We trust you!

We all recognize that if we need to open a bank account, apply for a job, need a passport, get health insurance, apply for a mortgage, apply for a credit card, or get a driver’s license we’ll be asked for our social security number. Why? Simple: Because this number identifies us individually within financial, professional,…
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Monopolistic States & Stop Gap Coverage: What you need to know?

North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming are known as monopolistic states. If you just thought to yourself ‘Huh!?’, you should read further if you already work, plan to work, or want to perform work in these states. MONOPOLISTIC STATE FUNDS Jurisdictions where an employer must obtain workers’ compensation insurance from a compulsory state fund or…
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