Certificate of Insurance (COI) Services

Certificates of Insurance

A Certificates of Insurance is a document providing evidence that certain general types of insurance coverages and limits have been purchased by the party required to furnish the certificate.

Your staffing company needs its requests for Certificates of Insurance be satisfied promptly and accurately. This should include a review of the contractual insurance requirements in comparison with actual coverages, limits, forms, and available endorsements.

"If you don't have the coverage and sign the contract, you are self-insuring the difference in coverages

It is important that your agent properly interpret the insurance requirements and policy to ensure that your company does not enter into a contract that your policy(s) will not cover.

Certificate of Insurance Requests


Proof of Coverage COI Requests

Proof of Coverage Only certificates is used to illustrate your staffing company's policy coverages, limits, dates of coverage, and policy numbers to the certificate holder as of a certain date.

These types of certificates are commonly used before entering into a written agreement with your prospect. It is also used when your client does not specifically request a certificate of insurance including endorsements.

A Proof of Coverage Only certificate can be ordered during the Class Code Request submission process or by itself.

COI Requests & Endorsements

Requests that include any request for an endorsement or those that include any special language require special attention. Many times, these types of endorsements (ENDT) are required by contracts.

Endorsements such as Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, Primary & Non-Contributory, and Per-Project Aggregates must be requested and in many cases are only applicable when a written agreement or contract is in place. We will review the insurance requirements in comparison to the insurance policies currently in place to satisfy the request or advise of any deficiencies.

Certificates with endorsements can be ordered during the Class Code Request submission process or by itself.


Certificate of Insurance Request Portal

Our Certificate of Insurance (COI) Request Portal can be accessed from any device with internet access.

It is the fast and easy way to get the correct certificate to your client