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Temp Staff Risk Services

Temp Staff Risk Services proudly represents Temporary Staffing Company Clients nationwide, from startups to those exceeding a quarter-billion in payroll volume.  We are Passionate Trusted Advisors, Advocates, and Partners.  Simply put, we make obligations, not assurances, and we have clients, not customers.


Our Representation

Have you ever thought about your company’s reputation in the insurance underwriting community?

Think about all the past underwriting submissions, insurance policies, and claims your company has made over the years.

Then think about all the various insurance vendors and policy peddlers that have butchered your company’s story in their lightly-vailed attempt to get a quote, sell a policy, and get paid.

Now consider what the various temporary staffing carrier underwriters, program managers, insurance adjusters, premium auditors, and program managers think about your company.

The most important decision a staffing company makes regarding its insurance portfolio, risk management, and loss control programs is who represents your staffing company in the industry marketplace.

Our Solutions

As passionate trusted advisors, advocates, and partners to our clients, our goal is to deliver solutions that fit, not to sell products that don’t.

This means that thoughtful consideration of our clients’ needs, and goals is paramount in our recommendations for solutions.  We then carefully target those industry partners we believe are best suited to provide those solutions.


Our Services

Insurance products don’t distinguish good agents, Service Does.

All things equal in coverage and premium, service is paramount, and it is what truly sets insurance agents apart.  We bring an entire team of insurance, claims, training, OSHA, HR, and experience modification specialists solely focused on the professional management of your company’s insurance, risk management, and loss control programs.  Our team of passionate professionals are dedicated to the success of your team.  What are you getting for the premium dollars you spend?

People Make the Difference

People always make the difference and our people always do!

Each client is supported by a team of licensed insurance agents, account managers, customer service representatives, Risk Advocates, Claims Advocates, and Experience Modification Analysists dedicated to providing the most professional and courteous support for our clients. Working together, we are stronger. Our team will work closely with yours to support, improve, or establish industry‐recognized best practices designed to increase your profit margins.

Rob Schild

Rob Schild

Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO

Rob is the CEO & Founder of Temp Staff Risk Services (TSRS) as well as the National Staffing Practice Director at Insurance Office of America (IOA) and is a member of IOA’s Risk Services Department. IOA is a privately held, full-service agency with more than 50 offices throughout the United States and Europe. As a trusted advisor and advocate, Rob currently represents staffing clients ranging from $2MM to $250MM in annual payroll.

He has established a client facing staffing program focused on positioning his clients as ‘Best in Class’ through identifying and implementing insurance industry recognized best practices. The program has been described as “RCS on steroids” and has been effective in reducing his clients' total cost of risk resulting in decreased claims frequency and related costs.

Leveraging the program results, leading temporary staffing insurance program managers and underwriters have responded with improved rates, terms, and conditions for his clerical/professional, light industrial, and skilled trade staffing clients.